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Article Notes

From How I went about learning Rust by Eli Bendersky


This learning journey alternates consuming information (mostly books) with coding activities (some guided by books, some not). In my experience, both are critical for really learning a language or any other tool deeply, and the combination of the two is powerful.

Consuming Information

  • Programming Rust — “…first book I read for an initial introduction to the language.”

  • The Rust Programming Language — “…it’s a better reference than Programming Rust, IMHO.”

  • Rust in Action

  • Rust for Rustaceans

  • John Gjengset’s videos on YouTube — “…I’ll probably watch more to learn about specific advanced concepts of Rust, as needed.”

Writing code

  • rustlings — “…small exercises for reading and writing snippets of Rust code.”

  • Advent of Code — “Solving AOC problems is a terrific way to learn and practice programming languages.”

  • The Ray Tracer Challenge — “…I picked Rust to implement a simple ray tracer. Another great way to practice a new language!”

  • Crafting Interpreters