About This Website

This is my Personal Website. The domain name tham.es is a “domain hack” of my surname utilizing Spain’s ccTLD (España → .es). Most of the content lives in the Wiki and Portfolio sections. The wiki section is a collection of interlinked Notes written in Org Mode plaintext. The portfolio section is a collection of various experiments and mini demos. There is also a Now Page that lists what I’m up to right now.


My primary interests involve data, software, technology, and policy. I collect domain names, GummyArts originals, and NES Homebrews. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, reading RSS feeds, and playing Pokémon Go. Feel free to send an email or find me in the fediverse.


This website’s content and source code are authored and edited in GNU Emacs. I write most pages as Notes in Org Mode plaintext, which Next.js converts into the webpages you see here. Here are some additional details:

  • Tailwind CSS handles layout and styling.

  • The theme is based on Kaolin Aurora is the

  • The typeface is Signifier by Klim Type Foundry.

  • Cloudflare Pages hosts this website.

The contents and implementation of this site — the design decisions, the tools and workflows used to create and publish it, and the organization of information throughout its lifecycle — are expressions of my values and preferences.

Cheers, 🥃!