About This Website

The domain name tham.es is a domain hack of my surname utilizing Spain’s ccTLD (España → .es). This site is a personal website, and it is primarily a collection of things I care about, find interesting, or just want to organize and remember in the future.

The contents and the implementation of this site — the design decisions, the tools and workflows used to create and publish it, and the organization of information throughout its lifecycle — are expressions of my personal values and preferences.


I am interested in the intersections of data, software, technology, and policy; I regularly consume podcasts and RSS feeds; and I have a habit of purchasing domain names that I think are cool or that I might use later. You can contact me at [email protected].


All content and source code for this website is authored and edited exclusively in GNU Emacs. Most individual pages are generated from plaintext files authored as Org Mode plaintext. These markdown files are processed by Next.js to generate markup you see here.

Cheers, 🥃!