About This Website

This is my Personal Website. The majority of content is in the wiki, which is where I keep ideas I’m developing, things I find interesting, and things I want to organize/remember in the future. There is also a “now page” and a portfolio. The domain name tham.es is a “domain hack” of my surname utilizing Spain’s ccTLD (España → .es).


I’m Richard Thames, and I am interested in the intersections of data, software, technology, and policy. I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading RSS feeds, and playing Pokémon Go. I collect domain names, GummyArts originals. and NES Homebrews. Feel free to me message at [email protected] or find me on Twitter or GitHub.


This website’s content and source code are authored and edited in GNU Emacs. I write and edit most pages as Org Mode plaintext and use Next.js to generate the HTML you rendered see here. Here are some additional details:

  • Layout and styling are handled by Tailwind CSS.

  • The theme is based on Kaolin Aurora, my go-to emacs theme.

  • The typeface is Signifier by Klim Type Foundry.

  • Hosting is provided by Cloudflare Pages.

The contents and implementation of this site — the design decisions, the tools and workflows used to create and publish it, and the organization of information throughout its lifecycle — are expressions of my values and preferences.

Cheers, 🥃!