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88x31 Website Button

The webring has a feature to display old school 88x31 icons for the listed sites. After messing around with some ideas, I’m going to pursue this concept.

To be done:

Decide on a concept
Extract contribution data from Github
Read/Write contribution data to a personal API
☑️Publish the personal API
☑️Update the concept with live API data
☑️Figure out svg-to-gif conversion
☑️Schedule the GIF generation and site icon updates
☑️Add more data types…


The query to the Github GraphQL API is:

query getContributions($login: String!, $from: DateTime, $to: DateTime) {
  user(login: $login) {
    contributionsCollection(from: $from, to: $to) {
      contributionCalendar {
        weeks {
          contributionDays {